Crimetracker: Disabled woman cut out of home covered in garbage and feces, mother charged

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NEWPORT, Tenn. (WVLT) -- The home looks run-down from the outside, but neighbors said they never expected something so horrific on the inside.

"To think that I'd been so close and I didn't check on her, it just breaks my heart!" said Linda Bible, who lives up the road.

A tip led Cocke County deputies to the house, but they couldn't get inside - the front door was barricaded with garbage. Rescue workers finally cut a hole into the wall. Inside, they found 48-year-old Katrina Gann disabled and bedridden - surrounded by unimaginable filth.

According to the police report, there was garbage piled waste-high all over the home and spiders and cockroaches everywhere. There was also dog feces and dirty adult diapers, and the home smelled like urine.

Gann was covered in bloody sores and told authorities she hadn't been outside in more than three years. Deputies said her bed was conformed to her body and covered in bodily fluid.

"It just breaks my heart that she's in the condition that she's in," said Bible.

"I had no imagination that conditions were that deplorable," said Rector.

What else is unimaginable is that her mother is blamed for it all. Deputies charged 71-year-old Gail Gann with physical abuse or gross neglect of an impaired adult.

Katrina Gann is now safe and recovering.

"I'm just delighted that she's out of there and getting the care that she needs," said Rector.

"I just pray she gets better care than what she's had," said Bible.

Rescue workers took Katrina Gann to the hospital and she's now in the care of Adult Protective Services.

Gail Gann is due in court Monday.

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