Parents of Heritage H.S. students speak out on 'needle sticking' situation

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BLOUNT COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) Parents of a Heritage High School freshman who was stabbed with a needle or long pin are talking about their daughter's experience.

The family didn't want to be identified because they fear that students may retaliate, but they insist that something needs to be done for the safety of everyone involved.

Joel's daughter was one of the students scratched or stabbed with what is being described as a sewing needle or long pin. Joel said his daughter was poked in the back on Friday, but she had heard rumors of others being poked since at least Wednesday.

"It was not what they said was a thumbtack which is really small. She was pierced know, a couple inches," Joel explained.

According to his daughter, students have been coming forward since this incident took place. His daughter said she estimated at least 60 students have said they were victims of the needle sticking.

Joel's daughter now has to have her blood drawn every three months for the rest of the year to check for any diseases. Joel said the initial tests haven't shown anything of concern and that the family has dodged a bullet.

Heritage High School released a statement, saying that parents of students who have come forward have been notified about the incident. The school system is also handing out flyers to students about the dangers of needle sticking and what people can do if they've been stuck by a needle.

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