Blount County horses enjoy playing soccer

Horses at Blount County's Lovingood Farm take part in the match with a large soccer ball.
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BLOUNT COUNTY (WVLT) – Have you ever seen a Palomino play like Pele? How about a Bay that could “bend it like Beckham?”

The owners who ride and board their steeds at Louisville's Lovingood Springs Farm not only like to show off their horses’ beauty, but also their skill’s as well.

On Saturday night the owners played soccer with their favorite equines, which they hope to start organizing about once a month.

Owner Kathy Lovingood grew up on the farm, and has been hosting shows on it for the last five years. She said when it comes to soccer, the athletic animals seem like they are a perfect fit.

"Horses are natural playful,” she said. “So we give them a very large soccer ball that’s about 50 inches in diameter and they approach it, get curious and then start pushing it around. Pretty soon you have a couple of horses chasing each other around an arena trying to kick the ball with their front feet.“

Lovingood hopes to hold similar events for members in August, September and October.

Besides getting a chance to play soccer, horses also played a form of musical chairs using hula hoops.

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