Cumberland Co. shelter finds every pet a home

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CUMBERLAND COUNTY (WVLT) -- East Tennesseans opened their hearts and homes over the weekend to ensure no dogs or cats from a Crossville animal shelter would have to be put down.

The Humane Society of Cumberland County recently warned that its contract was up with the local government, and they wouldn’t have enough room for all its current animals in their newer, smaller shelter.

Earlier in the week the message was clear, unless the nearly 80 animals left were adopted, they would all have to be put down.

People from all across the region heard the message and quickly responded. More than 60 animals went to new homes in the shelters last days.

On Saturday evening, a total of eight pets were still housed at the shelter, but early Sunday afternoon, employees said they had finally said good-bye to the last pet. Not a single animal was put down.

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