Crimetracker: Alcoa police release the names of alleged robbers

ALCOA, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Two men tried to rob a jewelry store. Now one is behind bars, the other in critical condition.

It happened on Wednesday at Malone's jewelry store on Gill Street.

As the investigation moves forward- we're learning more about the two suspects. Investigators tell Local8news one of them was shot in the stomach.

Steven Cash is in a hospital bed - and Jordan Echols is locked up.

After police say they barged into a jewelry store trying to rip the place off. Before they could get away , the store owner pulled his gun.

Cash collapsed on the floor and police arrived within minutes. The owner's family members say they're just glad it wasn't the other way around.

"My dad's like the nicest man he wouldn't hurt a fly and to know he had to feel like he was in a situation where he had to it - just scares me. He's in a wheelchair and that's very scary to me," said the store owner's daughter, Meagan Malone.

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