Crimetracker: Father and son accused of sexually abusing two teen girls

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KINGSTON, Tenn. (WVLT) -- "The oldest one, she came to me and pulled me aside and said, 'There's something I need to tell you, it's very important," said Anthony Hamby, the teens' youth pastor.

Hamby said it was late June when the teens reached out for help. They told him George Miles, Sr. and his son, George Miles, Jr. had sexually abused them for years - and had secretly videotaped their abuse for proof. Pastor Hamby immediately went to the police.

"In that video, Miles, Sr. can be clearly seen kissing the younger girl on the lips, fondling her breast," said Investigator Sam Bolden, with the Kingston Police Department.

Bolden said Miles, Jr. is accused of abusing the older girl for a year and a half, and said Miles, Sr. abused the younger teen for three years. Police said Miles, Sr. also claimed to be a lay minister.

"The younger girl said that during the period of time that she was abused, he would often tell her that if she did not consent, then she was disobeying God," said Bolden.

A grand jury indicted Miles, Sr. on six counts of statutory rape by an authority figure. Miles, Jr. faces six counts of aggravated statutory rape. As for the teens, they're doing much better and are still very involved at church.

"Church has been a place of refuge for them. And we've been there to help them and walk with them through this rough journey they've got," said Pastor Nick Hill.

Youth pastor Anthony Hamby said he's glad girls felt they could trust him and said he'll always be there for them.

George Miles, Sr. and Miles, Jr. are both due in court on Monday.

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