Six Knoxville city employees suspended for drinking on the job

KNOXVILLE, Tenn (WVLT) - Six city of Knoxville employees were suspended without pay Monday after an investigation revealed they drank on the job during dinner breaks.

According to Public Service Director David Brace, allegations from a former employee who was terminated last year sparked the investigation.

"They would come up and set up for events and may have a break period where they would go eat and grab dinner. During those break periods they would go grab dinner and have an alcoholic beverage with that meal," Brace said.

The most recent incident took place in the summer of 2012.

The six employees suspended are: Manager Alex Neubert who was suspended for 5 weeks; Wayne Bailey, Nick Andreasen and Chris Bowman were suspended for 3 weeks; Scott Harmon was suspended for 1 week; and Jennifer Mays was suspended for a day.

All the employees work in the public services department.

"It's black and white. You don't drink when you're on the job," Brace said. "Everybody now in the department knows it's very clear what the rules are and what the consequences are if they make a mistake."

Now, the city is tweaking its code of conduct to make sure employees are accountable.

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