UPDATE: Cats seized from a West Knoxville home saved from euthanization

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- More than a dozen cats set to be euthanized were saved at the last minute.

The Young-Williams Animal Center says an out-of-state rescue group arranged to pay for the transfer of 14 cats infected with Ringworm to a vet clinic in town.

The cats were going to be euthanized Saturday morning at 9, but the rescue came just in time at around 11 Friday night.

Monica Brown, Director of Shelter Operations says she broke out into tears, "I cried, it just made me happy. We don't come to work here wanting to euthanize animals and to know 14 more have been saved it just gives us more space in the building and it gives us more opportunity to save more cats. "

These felines were just a handful from a total of 41 cats seized from a West Knoxville home.

After these cats get treatment and are healthy, they can be transported out of state.

Original Story

About a month after 41 cats were seized by animal control from a West Knoxville home, 14 of those cats have to be euthanized.

After a complaint, officers searched the home of Annette Traore. She had been running the Almost Home Animal Rescue Group for the past nine years.

But officers say they found the cats living in what they called "inhumane" conditions.

Officers say the smell of ammonia was overwhelming and that litter boxes were overflowing with cat waste.

Officials at Young Williams Animal Center say the animals have to be put down because they had ringworm and would be a threat to other animals others at risk.

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