Local churches prepare for massive attack

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- In a split second your normal work or church service could turn violent if a shooter strikes. The warning signs may vary, but the effects are the same.

Examples can be found with the Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting to the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting from last December.

Back in 2008 at Tennessee Valley Unitarian Church, an attacker came through the doors and killed two and wounded six others.

That's why churches from east Tennessee gathered to train for emergencies on Tuesday in Knoxville.

Amber Sparks, an emergency preparedness educator, said, "One being that they will be prepared for when it's affecting their individual church, how to deal and assist with their own members. If they're church is not directly affected by the disaster, they'll know how to provide assistance for their members."

A video was shown explaining what to do if someone attacks.

Tom Frills with Sevier Heights Baptist explained, "What I'll do is take it back to the associate pastor and see if we can't enhance some of the things we've already implemented at church."

Knoxville police officers had this advice: try to hide or run and pull a fire alarm to immediately alert local authorities.

The main lesson: be prepared for anything.

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