Knoxville man is 'blessed' by cancer diagnosis

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn.(WVLT) A Knoxville man who has been diagnosed with Stage 3 lung cancer says what resulted is nothing short of a miracle.

Lee and Shirley Roberson know what it means to have life deal a tough hand. This past September, Lee was diagnosed with inoperable, stage 3 lung cancer.

"It's about the size of an orange," Roberson said.

But one thing you'll notice immediately when you meet the pair, is the two have not let the diagnosis dictate their moods.

Sure there was the anger and denial, but then Roberson came to peace with it.

"I said, well, I know there's a reason. I don't know why," Roberson said.

As a result of Roberson's cancer he lost his job. He didn't have the strength or energy anymore to do it. That resulted in him losing his home.

But that's where Lee says cancer became his blessing.

Lee's doctor found out about the Roberson's losing their home, so he stepped in and helped. He set up for the Roberson's to move into a 30' camper at RV's for Less on Rutledge Pike.

The owners of the RV'S for Less had no problem providing the camper, the heat, the electricity, the water and the rent for the Robersons.

They did it because they've been in the same place before. Co-owner of RV's for Less, Butch Burson was in a coma for 40 days a few years ago after suffering a heart condition.

"I was basically dead," Burson said. "If it hadn't been for the Good Lord and seeing how people helped my wife. That's all God asked us to do is help each other. It's a blessing to help someone that needs help."

And because Roberson faces medical bills and continuous visits to the doctor for his cancer, local churches have stepped in to help get him to and from his appointments. People he's never met stop in every day to make sure he's doing okay.

"I feel like I'm the one that's ripping people off here. I really do. I feel like the one that's getting all the blessings," Roberson said.

And Roberson is hoping that something strange happens from his diagnosis. He's determined to beat it, but he's okay if it doesn't happen right away.

"Truthfully, I need to keep it a little while longer," he said. "I can't let go of it yet because there are more blessings that have to happen."

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