Buick stolen from a Knoxville man is more than just a car

KNOXVILLE, Tenn (WVLT)- A family looking for answers, contacted Local 8 News, desperate for help after someone stole their car from their driveway on Strawberry Plains Pike.

This car was more than a way to get them around town, it's the last memory they have of their son.

"It's important to me, it's part of my family,"

David Solomon worked as a milkman for more than two decades, when he saved up enough money he bought a 1984 Buick Grand National.

For nearly 30 years he primped, polished and pampered that car but, it disappeared early Monday morning.

"I went into the kitchen and looked out the window and saw tracks, big tracks in the back and thought, what could've done that," says his wife, Julia, "then I looked under the car port and the car was gone."

Broken glass in the driveway and some tire marks in the mud is all that's left of his precious car.

Julia and David are without transportation, but they're not worried about that. This car was a memory of their only son, also named David, who died recently of cancer.

"He was just 50 years-old," she says.

David and his son used to work on this car together. It's a memory they thought they would always have.

"It's filled with so many memories of David," says their Granddaughter Devyn Elam, "I'm devastated because I know how much it means to my grandparents, I can remember growing up and that was the fun thing to do was to get in the car with Papaw."

After it vanished, the family started a Facebook page, "Help Find Papaw's Buick Grand National" hoping to get the word out.

"Thousands of people have viewed it and people from all over the country have contacted us telling us they'll be on the lookout," says Elam.

If the car is returned the family says they won't ask any questions and they're offering a 2,000 dollar reward to anyone who can find it.

The family is working with the Knox County Sheriff's Department trying to find out who took the car.

If you know who took their car please contact police or call 865-356-3708.

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