Twenty-seven weapons taken from Knoxville business

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) Update: Knoxville police say they've arrested Zachary Aaron Long and charged him with burglary and felony theft.
They say Long admitted to the crime. Police are still looking for more suspects. We'll keep you updated.

Knoxville Police are investigating after more than two dozen guns were taken from a business.

Officers responded to a break-in at Guardian Armory on the 200 block of N. Seven Oaks Drive near Kingston Pike early Thursday morning.

According to KPD, when officers arrived the front glass window of the business had been broken.

A total of 27 weapons were reportedly stolen. Twenty-four were reported to be handguns, while the other three are long-guns (rifle or shotgun).

It's unclear how many people were involved but store owners think it was more than one person.

"I calculated close to $30,000 in damages," said store owner, Tim Smith.

"Tim could have been in the back of the store doing something and someone could have lost a life out of this," said owner's friend, Jeff Clark.

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