UPDATE: Several people homeless after early morning apartment fire

KNOX COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Fire crews rescued several people and animals from a building on Colt Drive early Saturday morning.

Neighbors say they saw huge flames bursting from an apartment on the first floor and the flames quickly spread to the rest of the building.

"We started banging on the doors to let everyone out, to let everyone know what was going on," said Tammy Debmy. She lives just a few houses down, and her daughter was inside sleeping when the building caught fire.

"On the right side of the building, the bottom was engulfed in flames, smoke was everywhere and which in turn it circulated through the building and it went into my daughter's apartment," said Debmy.

Everyone made it out safely, including people's pets.

"They had two dogs, a ferret, and a cat and all of them got out. At first they didn't get the dogs out because they were looking for people, but then they got the animals out."

Fire crews worked for about three hours to extinguish the blaze, neighbors are glad everyone is all right.

"Now , it's just a matter of finding a place to live, this is of course unexpected."

The Red Cross is helping the families affected officials say the building will be a total loss.

Rural Metro has not said what may have caused the fire, Tammy tells Local 8 News she thinks the building had electrical problems.

Original Story: A fire damaged a North Knox County apartment complex leaving several families out in the cold.

It happened just before 1:00 AM Saturday on Colt Road.

Reports say one of the people living there woke up to smoke and flames in their apartment. She called 911 and then woke up her neighbors.

Everyone made it out safely. Investigators will return later Saturday to try and figure out what started the fire.

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