Urban Outfitters' Valentine's Day display offends mother

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)-- Valentine's Day is a day for love and a time to make others feel extra special but for one retailer the usual sweet words have been replaced by profanity. It's what some people say crosses the line.

A mom who is passionate about protecting her child's innocence contacted us after and she her 10-year-old daughter went to a trendy shop and found something she says was offensive- we've blurred the words out in the photo but the store has not.

Mitzi Bodie said "We walked into Urban Outfitters and at the front of the store we were looking at some merchandise. We walked around the corner still at the front of the store and there was their Valentine's Day display."

It was a display unlike anything she'd seen before with profanity that she didn't expect.

"I was shocked. I was at a clothing store that targets young adults and I didn't expect to see that type of display right there." said Mitzi

She and her daughter moved on but Mitzi went back to the store to get answers about the display.

"I wanted to give the manager a change to respond to it but they simply stated that was their company policy." Mitzi said

I called Urban Outfitters and they emailed me a statement that said:

"We offer a range of apparel, accessories, and apartment goods for the college and post-college lifestyle. Our products are not for everyone and our loyal customers ultimately let us know what they like by voting with their wallets." -Urban Outfitters Company Spokesperson

However, Mitzi wants to see more done when it comes to their merchandise.

She said "I'd love to see the display removed however if it's policy of that store to carry that type of offense material; I'd love to see some honest advertising with a sign at the front of the store stating they carry profane and offensive material."

Something she hopes to see in the future to warn families like hers what they're walking into.

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