Firefighters battle Sevier County blaze

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SEVIER COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) Two homeowners are safe after their home caught fire on Boyds Creek Highway in Sevier County.

Dispatchers told Local 8 News the homeowners on Boyds Creek Highway called in a house fire around 4:45 Friday morning, saying they saw smoke coming from the home.

When firefighters arrived, the found heavy smoke and flames pouring from the house.

The homeowner and fire crews believe the fire started with a heating and air conditioning unit in the attic due to overheating, running constantly in cold temperatures.

The home suffered minor damage to the attic and garage.

The homeowners were shaken, but grateful to be reunited with their cat, Ms. Tabbie.

Boyd's Creek Highway was closed during the fire. It will reopen after fire crews salt where water ran off.

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