Crimetracker: Marijuana plants and marijuana butter found in Hamblen Co.

Keith Aaron Maeweather

MORRISTOWN, Tenn. (WVLT) -- The Hamblen County Narcotics division says a tip led to a big discovery on Monday.

Officers say they found more than 150 marijuana plants and four gallons of "marijuana butter" in 32-year-old Keith Aaron Maeweather's home on Brockwood Drive.

"Some of the stuff inside, we don't know what it is," Sheriff Esco Jarnagin said.

Plants in all stages of growth, lights, calendars with dates and reminders written on them, along with air tanks were all pulled out of the house throughout the day Monday. Jarnagin says he expects his crew to be pulling evidence from the throughout the night.

He also said he's never seen anything like this operation, and it's the biggest one in Hamblen County history. He even asked for federal assistance because there were so many things he and his deputies have never encountered before.

"It was very, very elaborate," Jarnagin said.

Marijuana butter is generally used to make brownies or cookies. It's what results from extracting the T.H.C. from the marijuana plant.

Maewether was taken into custody, but federal charges are pending.

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