Woman hit by pickup truck while walking in South Knoxville

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- A woman is recovering in the hospital, after police say a 19 year-old man intentionally swerved to hit her while she and her daughter were walking.

Police had the road blocked near the intersection of Ogle Avenue and Immanuel Street in South Knoxville while they continued to investigate what happened.

Sergeant Jason Keck said it appeared that the 19 year-old Bradley Thompson knew the mother and daughter and swerved to hit at least one of them when he saw them walking on Ogle Avenue.

According to witnesses, Sherry Lands refused to get out of the way, and she began hitting the truck with a piece of wood and her hands.

Lands was reported to have a broken leg,while Keck said the daughter wasn't injured.

Keck said the 19 year-old was taken in for questioning, after he called police from a nearby Kroger, saying he thought he had just hit someone with his truck.

Police say this appears to be part of an ongoing family feud.

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