Two arrests in Gibbs High School threats

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Two threats at one school in a week. The second came in putting Gibbs High on high alert. School officials are doing to keep your kids safe.

The school system and law enforcement says "threats of harm" of harm led to the tighter security. Concerned parents and students I talked to say those may have been shooting threats. Some parents are happy with the way officials are handling the situation. Others want more done.

Police cars everywhere on Gibbs High School campus Friday both marked cars and undercover cops. An increase in security after threats of violence not just Friday, but Monday too. Mary Bowlin says, "This is not under control. This shouldn't be happening twice in one week."

School officials sent parents a text saying they're taking the necessary precautions by beefing up security and investigating.
Some parents feel safer with the extra security. We talked to several students who say they never heard anything from faculty about what was happening. They just noticed all the cop cars and officers inside.
Jessica Canfield says, "I'm really impressed with lockdown policies. My children know them down pat. They know what to do and where to go. I feel confident sending them off to school."

Parents want stricter punishments for students who make threats.
Bowlin says, "Next year these kids should not be allowed in school. If they're not in school today, we should go to thier house and make an arrest. We should prove how serious this is. No tolerance for this at all."

Two teens are in custody in connection with those threats.