Goats returning to graze slopes in East Tennessee

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (AP) -- A herd of goats has done such a bang up job cleaning up the kudzu and other invasive plants on Chattanooga's Missionary Ridge that the city wants to turn the critters loose on other tough-to-mow patches.

A public works official says the goats turned out to be more efficient that they originally thought when they first brought them in three years ago.

The city will seek bids from goat contractors later this summer and hopes to have the animals back on Missionary Ridge by October.

The past two years, the contracts ran around $10,000. But this year officials are expecting it to be lower.

They're also are talking about expanding the project but haven't said where yet.

They hope that with successive years of grazing, the pesky vegetation will be wiped out for good.


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