Strip club sign sparks controversy

(Courtesy: WREG-TV)

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WREG) -- It’s usually what’s coming off inside the strip club that gets a reaction, but at one such club in Memphis, it’s what was on the billboard outside.
Late Tuesday afternoon, a sign outside The Pony went from “Support Single Moms” to “Go Grizz. Watch em here.”

Critics said if you strip the old sign down to its meaning, you will uncover a big problem.

“This is pretty much just to get business in the door, and they’re using single moms as that person to get them in the door,” single mother Yolanda Gates said.

The group Successful Single Moms Memphis call it a marketing ploy, one that is casting a XXX cloud over single mothers everywhere.
Group members said the club stereotyped and insinuated all single mothers should swing on a pole to feed their kids.

“Single mothers aren’t all strippers. I’m an educated single mother. I have a college degree,” Gates said.

Successful Single Moms Memphis Executive Director Nicole Gates also worries the sign put strippers at risk.

“They have to leave here in the wee hours of the night and wee hours of the morning. What message are you sending to men?”

WREG reached out to The Pony’s general manager, but he refused to comment.

The group said it does not judge single mothers who choose to strip, but is glad The Pony took it off.

The sign was up for about a week before the club changed it Tuesday afternoon.

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