Friends remember two men killed when hit on I-40

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- When an unexpected tragedy hits, families grieve and so do friends.

Especially when they lose the friend described as the "lynch pin" of the group.

Josh Hensley, 21, and Jake Jennings, 20, died when a car lost control on the interstate.

Francisco Javier Rodriguez, 20, faces vehicular manslaughter and assault charges from that crash. Police tell us he didn't have insurance or a driver's license.

Jake and Josh were car enthusiasts, Josh especially loved Volkswagens, he even had "VW" tattooed on his leg.

It's that love that brought a group of guys together, and the two men's memory that will keep them together.

They shared with us a picture, taken by Josh, it captures the last moments of his life. A shot of the open road, at the wheel of his car.

"He loved that thing, he was nuts about cars," says Josh's friend Josh McPhearson.

Friends says he spent most of his time working on his 1962 Beetle, the rest, with his girlfriend Brittany.

"She loved Josh and it tears me up thinking what she has to go through."

Brittany was with Josh when that Beetle broke down Sunday morning.

His friend, Jake was following them.

"He stopped to help and he died doing something he's always loved doing and that's helping his friends," says Jake's friend Cody Bushnell.

Police say Rodriguez hit all three of them killing Jake and Josh and sending Brittany to the hospital.

"I kept expecting him to pull up in the driveway of his car, walk through the door throw his shoes off, get a snack or something it's just so unreal to me," says Jake's step-sister Victoria.

While Josh and Jake are gone, memories of the two will never die.

"Everyone called him (Jake) "one too many," he's probably had like a hundred cars."

Jake and Cody would stay up all night working on cars. They had plans to travel to Japan next year.

Josh's friends will always remember him as someone who made you laugh, but more importantly he cared.

He took his sister to prom on Friday, just one of many examples showing how much Josh loved his family and friends.

Valley Vapors is holding an event to raise money for the families Wednesday night at 7. They're located in Farragut.

Brittany is in stable condition.

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