Back-to-school rookies, veterans face first day jitters in Knox County

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Whether it's your first go around, or you've been sending your child off to school for years, the start of each school year is still an exciting time.

"The first day back is always exciting because kids are pumped and wondering about new classmates, checking the list for friends.”

Dozens of eager parents and students wait at West Hills Elementary for the start of a new school year, and, for many, it's a nervous feeling of firsts.

Mother Kelly Moseley has become somewhat of a pro.

"We've been this route several times, but it's always an exciting time."

With a fourth grader and a high schooler, sending her children off that first day of class has certainly gotten easier, but the excitement level hasn't changed a bit.

“My son wanted to know if there were any cute girls in his class, or if his teacher was going to be nice or mean, so it's always exciting -- a little of the unknown."

For John Stafford, it's a lot of the unknown. His little girl, Savannah, isn't so little any more now that she's headed off to middle school for the first time.

"The first day of middle. No elementary school, so she is growing up, and it's sad for me and her mother."

But it's not so sad for Savannah, who's read for some change.

"Moving around from class to class instead of being in the same room."

Excited or scared, we did find some common ground between parent and child on the first day back to school.

"I don't like getting up early but that's part of it," Kelly Moseley says.

In case you're looking ahead, the last day of school in Knox County is May 22.

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