26th Annual Boomsday!

It was the 26th Annual Boomsday! The heat and rain didn't keep people away from this much anticipated event.

There's food, games and a lot of music!

"It's amazing, I love it so many people are out here," said Cheyenne Vonfiglo who was beating the heat for the event.

For local business it's a way to get exposure.

Chuy's manager Gwen Williamson says since the restaurant is just over a year old being a part of Boomsday was a way to boost business, "It's a chance for us to get our brand out there and introduce people to our food."

While Chuy's satisfied the hungry, Big Daddy Flavors gave some relief from the heat with snow cones.

David Yoder struggled to stay cool but he said it wasn't going to keep them from the event.

"Shorts, a nice cool shirt and something cold to drink, I wouldn't miss it," he said.

Nearly half a million people were projected to be at the event, bringing in business and a good time to celebrate a national holiday.

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