Newsom family reacts after learning Vanessa Coleman may get parole

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - The woman who helped kill Channon Christian and Chris Newsom could get out of jail this year.

Vanessa Coleman was sentenced to 35 years in prison in 2012 after her second trial. But on Wednesday, the parents of Channon and Chris learned Coleman is eligible for parole in October. That's because Coleman gets 16 days a month off her sentence for good behavior.

As you might imagine, the parents are outraged.

"It makes me feel terrible there's no justice," says Mary Newsom, Chris Newsom's mom. "They told us Vanessa was up for parole on October 8. Which is ridiculous!"

"That comes to 192 days a year and we were never told that. We were never told about that. No one ever mentioned that to us."

Chris's parents say Coleman belongs behind bars, especially after she wrote in her diary two days after the killing.

"She shows no remorse, no shame. She had a good time, she says that in her journal," Hugh Newsom, Chris's father says.

The Newsoms are putting together a petition and they want all the signatures they can get.

"We're totally dismayed by the way this has been mishandled.," Hugh says.

"It makes me feel terrible there's no justice," Mary adds.

The Newsoms plan to go to Nashville October 8 to protest Coleman's parole.

If she wins, she could get out of jail December 17.

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