Knox County inmate fakes identity, escapes jail

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)- According to documents Travis Hux, 22, tampered with his ID card and tricked officers into letting him out of jail.

It happened on August 1st, Hux got a hold of a fellow inmate, Donnie Bridge's, card.

Bridges, 62, was set to be released that day but instead, Hux got out.

Robin Bell is Bridge's best friend, she doesn't understand how something like that can happen.

"You don't release an inmate without proper ID," she says. "You don't give away somebody's property unless you know for a fact you've got the right ID ... you've got the right person."

The report says Hux tore his own picture off his ID and put it on Donnie's. He then presented himself to officers as Donnie Bridges, signed his name on three different forms and walked out the door.

"He had all of Donnies clothes, even his underwear, everything he had except for a set of keys and a knife."

Hux was caught a short time later but, there's still concern that Bridge's identity may have been stolen.

"What we're doing now is trying to secure everybody's property," says Bell. "Make sure this guy doesn't send somebody to break into their house."

We looked into Hux's criminal history and it's lengthy. Four days after his escape, he tried it again. But just like last time, he didn't get very far.

Hux was able to get away exiting a work van, officers found him hiding because they heard his shackles clinging.

The documents also show that Hux offered his cell mate $3,000 to switch identities which is why police think he had been planning this for some time.

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