McLean Jurors to continue deliberations on Thursday

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KNOXVILLE (WVLT) – Jurors in the so-called “Love Triangle Murder” trial deliberated for four hours on Wednesday evening, but were unable to come to a verdict. The judge called them back into her courtroom just before 9:30 PM and sent them by bus back to the local hotel they have been sequestered in. They will return at 9:00 AM on Thursday to try and reach a verdict.

The case revolves around Eric McLean, 33, who is charged with the March 2007 shooting death of Sean Powell, 18. Prosecutors argued that McLean gunned down Powell out of jealousy, because the teen was having an affair with his wife Erin, who was his student-teacher at West High School. They are seeking first-degree murder with parole, which would put McLean in prison for at least 51 years.

McLean’s attorney doesn’t dispute that his client pulled the trigger, but he is seeking a conviction on the lesser charge of involuntary manslaughter. That verdict would result in only a few years in prison or probation.

The trial began on September 5th. The jury is made up of six men and six women.

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