Piedmont Elementary responds to accusations of bullying

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DANDRIDGE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- We have an update now to a story we brought you yesterday about the 8 year-old who's being bullied in Jefferson County. Mallory Leslie's mother told us she's physically and mentally abused daily, mostly at the school bus stop, and the school isn't doing anything to stop it.

Piedmont Elementary School contacted us. The principal tells Lauren Davis the parents never contacted her, she says she never told the parent to just deal with it or drive her daughter to school.

Principal Kristi Waltke released a statement. The whole statement is located in the gray box below.

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A Jefferson County mom reached out to us on Facebook afraid for her daughter. That mom says a brother and sister duo gang up on her second grade daughter, torment and physically abuse her, and the school does nothing.

Mallory Leslie is only 8 years-old, but she's dealing with issues no child should ever have to face. Jennifer Jones says, "They were cussing her and calling her the -f word, the -b word and telling her how fat she was."

Mallory's mom tells me this hurts Mallory so much. She comes home from school and goes straight into her bedroom. Jones says, "It really upsets me. I just want to comfort her. I want to cry because I don't want her to go through that."

Two months ago, Mallory used to be an upbeat happy girl, but since the bullying started, she's depressed. It's at the bus stop where the mom says Mallory is most bullied. They throw rocks at her, push her and call her names. The bus driver's advice? Just ignore it.

Mallory's mom doesn't want anyone in the family to ignore it. Mallory's aunt Julia Jones says, "She's depressed because kids are making fun of her. You know that affects kids' lives later on down the road."

Mallory's mom says she told the principal about the abuse. She told her to deal with it because there are only two weeks left and to drive her daughter to school instead of standing at the bus stop.

She's upset they're doing nothing to deal with the bullies. We went to Piedmont Elementary School to talk to the principal, but were told to contact central office. I reached out to the superintendent, but they didn't return our phone call.

As for Mallory's mom, she tells Local 8 she's going to continue this fight. She fears Mallory could take her own life or hurt someone else if nothing's done. Last week, as you might remember, a 13 year old Knox County teen took his life after being bullied.

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