Tennessee voters must be in line by closing time

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Election officials predicting a record turnout have a warning for Tennessee voters: Get in line at the polls by closing time Tuesday, or you won't get in the door.

State election coordinator Brook Thompson says "that's been the law in Tennessee for a long time."

Polls close at 8 p.m. EST and 7 p.m. CST.

Thompson says if you get there a few minutes too late and are not in line by then, there is nothing election officials can do.

Republican John McCain is expected to win Tennessee's 11 electoral votes.

On the eve of Election Day, McCain predicted victory at a rally of about 5,000 supporters at Blountville.

Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander spoke on McCain's behalf at the airport rally at Tri-Cities Aviation. In the U.S. Senate race, Alexander has led Democratic challenger Bob Tuke in polls, name recognition and fundraising.

There's also a tight battle for the control of the Tennessee Senate.

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