State Senate District 12 full of negative advertising

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A Tennessee senate race in rural east Tennessee has passed the stage of heating up, it's red hot.

Negative ads were all across the airwaves as Becky Ruppe and Ken Yager battled it out for the tennessee senate district twelve seat.

You wouldn't think about it considering it's rural district stretching from Rhea to Campbell counties, but there are an equal number of Democrats and Republicans in the state senate.

And who wins this race will most likely control the entire Tennessee state senate.

"I've seen quite a few of them. Everytime you turn your tv on you see one," says Ben Cox.

Whether it's Ken Yager or Becky Ruppe, negative ads in the state senate race have been abundant.

And it's something both camps admit.

"It's a bad race. I think most of the nasty parts have been done by each of our parties," says Democratic contender Becky Ruppe.

"Well, yes, it has been. There's just been some unfortunate advertising," says Republican contender Ken Yager.

But the race is expected to be close and both sides know it's importance.

"It's quite likely the outcome of this race could certainly decide which political party would control the Senate," says Ruppe.

"Control of the senate, I guess, hangs in the balance and I've tried not to get focused on that during this race," says Thompson.

So what do the voters think about all this negative advertising?

"It kinda turns me off about both of them because they're both scheming, kind of immature about it," says voter Misty Thompson.

But the voters say they know they'll have to make a choice.

"I just kinda throw a coin up on that one," says Thompson.

"It's been nasty but I don't really know. It's going to be close. It's going to be real close," says Cox.

Despite a hard fought negative campaign, both sides are looking toward a victory.

"I've put 54-thousand miles on my car and holes in the bottom of my shoues so we feel very good about it," says Ruppe.

"I'm really confident of the victory we expect tonight and looking forward to counting the votes."

Both candidates say they'll be in Roane county awaiting the election results tonight.

Christopher Fenner is on the ballot as well as an independent.

We, of course, will continue following this race throughout the night.

We'll have a full report coming up on Volunteer TV News at 11.

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