Member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans upset

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KNOXVILLE (WVLT) -- The men of the "Sons of Confederate Veterans" will not be allowed to march in the annual Veterans Day Parade through downtown Knoxville if they carry the Confederate Naval Jack.

A large version of the jack sits in John Hitt’s home. Nearby is a picture of his great grandfather, who fought for the south during the civil war.

“We have served in most every war there was,” said John, who is a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

He wanted to honor his ancestors in the parade by carrying the flag they fought under, but organizers from the American Legions Post Two, who put on the annual event, said they would not allow them to march with the jack.

“I feel very hurt having served 29 years,” he said. “My family served all these years and we are being denied the right to march in that parade."

John said he was also turned down six years ago. According to him, the Confederate Flag has never been flown in Knoxville’s Veterans Day parades because only American Flags are allowed.

"These are American Flags,” he argued, “They are Confederate American, but they are American."

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