East Knoxville man found shot, believed to be homicide victim

Antoine M. Watkins, 27, was found dead inside a Selma Ave. home. (Photo Courtesy: Knox County Sheriff's Office)
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A Knoxville man is dead.

Police are calling it a homicide.

Officials say they responded to the Selma Avenue residence and found a man bleeding, but not breathing.

Family members say the victim had a temper, but had recently started going to church.

Police cars sit outside a house at 3717 Selma Avenue.

Family members and neighbors wait in the road for some answers.

The victim's relatives say 27-year-old Antoine Watkins is dead.

Watkins aunt, Dorothy Moore says, "I just hope whoever did this is brought to justice."

She says he was staying in this house with his father.

Watkins cousin, Tony Sonford says, "It hurts to lose a family member."

Officers stand guard outside the home.

Watkins' cousin says the victim had a temper, but had recently turned his life over to God.

"He was a good person. He wasn't out to harm anybody or anyone like that," Sonford says.

Dorothy Moore had talked to her nephew just this morning.

She didn't know it would be the last time she spoke with him.

"I told him I'd talk to him after church, but I never got the chance to do that," she states.

Now they stand near-by waiting for authorities to find out what caused this tragedy.

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