Three Ejected in Truck Crash

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It's a popular spot for ATV and dirt bike riders, but Monday, Windrock Mountain became a scene of uncertainty.

Volunteer TV's Whitney Daniel has the details.

Investigators say it was not speed or operator error that led to the uncertain fates of three young people playing on Windrock's recreational roads. As they rounded the turn coming down the mountain, the truck stopped working properly. It plunged down a rocky cliff leaving the three victims fighting for their lives.

Windrock Mountain. It's a recreational area where hundreds of ATV, dune buggy and off-roaders come to ride. However, Monday two miles from the base of the mountain, a joyride turns tragic.

"We had a single car, multi-rollover down a 55 foot embankment, three persons ejected," said Chief Steven Newby of the Anderson County Mountain Rescue Squad.

Those three are between the ages of 17 and 22.

"I have a 17-year-old son, so yeah, I was just thinking 'my God, their moms, this would just be horrible," said Christy West, who helped at the accident scene.

And that's the reason Christy West and her family stopped to help.

"I walked over to the edge, and I saw the three bodies lying on the rocks and the truck," West said. "So we just immediately got to them and determined that there were two awake and conscious who knew their names and there was one unresponsive, so we just tried to talk to them and tell them we were there and help was on the way."

"One guy had a really bad head thing, so we had to stop the bleeding, so if they would have just stayed down there bleeding until someone got there. I hope they would have been okay," said Christy's niece, who also helped at the accident scene.

Rescue crews say the truck experienced mechanical failure forcing the driver to lose control and then throwing the passengers out onto the rocks.

"The truck was off the side of the mountain on some rocks and then they pulled three people up on a stretcher," witness Brett Ross said.

"This is one of the most major critical scenes we have worked on this mountain at this time with this many patients," Newby said. "The Anderson County Rescue Squad advanced their technical ropes team, assisted out with Marlow Fire Department, the patients were roped lifted to the top."

Air E-Vac and Lifestar flew the three patients to UT Medical Center. They all left the scene in critical condition. No word on how they're doing right now.

Anderson County Rescue Squad, Sheriff's Department and EMS, along with Marlow Fire Department and the Tennessee Highway Patrol are investigating.