Civil Service Suit

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Just months after a civil service review cleared one area police chief of any wrongdoing, troubles from a promotions scandal are creeping up again.

Volunteer TVs Allison Hunt has more.

Four officers from the Morristown Police Department filed this lawsuit on August 15th against the city and the Police Chief.

They say they want compensation for what they have been put through.

Attorney Ron Rayson says Dan Cox, Tony Richardson and Todd Davidson have about 80 years combined experience with the Morristown Police Department and are now working behind a desk.

Mark Campbell hasn't worked for the department for about a year.

All four men have filed a lawsuit in the Hamblen County Circuit Court.

Rayson says, "and now three of them are sitting behind a desk with no supervisory duties, basically just been stripped of their duties."

Morristown City Attorney Richard Jessee has reviewed the complaint and has just begun investigations.

The complaint says the four officers face retaliation from the police chief and members of the police department after discussing work related concerns with city officials.

Rayson continues, "collectively and individually, they had some concerns, business related concerns, that were concerning how the department was being run."

Jessee says police Chief Roger Overholt denies retaliation and Jessee went on to say in a statement that having disgruntled employees is not rare and city and governing bodies would not tolerate a department head retaliating.

Rayson says, "he has come out in the papers and characterized these individuals as trouble makers which we believe is directly retaliatory as a result of these legally based claims that they had."

The lawsuit seeks damages in the amount of two-point-five million dollars.

Rayson says it's still too early in the case to have any court dates set.