Blitz Build Bring Home, Hope to Family

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Jefferson City (WVLT) - Jefferson County has begun its first ever "Blitz Build" with Habitat for Humanity.

Several churches have joined together to help a single mother own her own house in only a week.

"We have ten churches throughout the county who are providing the funding for this house," says Habitat Project Manager Jeff Chitwood.

Building this thousand-square-foot home for Penny Clevenger on faith.

"I think everybody needs a home and without habitat, this would not be a dream come true," Penny says.

Clevenger has been raising her two teenage daughters in several different homes over the last four years.

"Living with my aunt, my mama and just traveling," 14-year-old Tiffany Clevenger says her mom deserves this house more than anyone else. "She works two jobs and tries to keep it to buy us clothes and stuff like that."

"We need a place to grow roots and this is our roots," Penny says.

Roots planted by volunteers, with thoughtful measure.

"It's so great to see her and her daughters big smiles on their faces as they see the walls go up," says Chitwood.

"If it wasn't for them I wouldn't be getting it built, cause as you can tell, I cannot drive a hammer, much less a nail," adds Penny.

As these guys handle the hammer for Clevenger, they count their blessings.

"When you think about why you're doing it and can see the family and understand how much their life will be changed, it really makes it a real significant event for all the volunteers, too," Jeff says.

Building better lives, one house at a time.