Remembering 9/11: A Child's Perspective

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Knoxville (WVLT) - Most of you can probably recall where you were, and what you were doing when the planes hit the Twin Towers.

But for some younger folks, what happened that day could still be a bit confusing.

Volunteer TV's Kim Bedford spoke with children about what they think of 9/11.

The students at Grace Christian Academy held a 9/11 ceremony today honoring our local men and women as firefighters and law enforcement.

While some students are remembering what happened five years ago, others are still learning more about it.

"Today we commemorate an anniversary of the American scar."

From five years old up 18, these Grace Christian Academy students say they will never forget what happened on September 11, 2001.

"We must implant the pain, the memories and this scar, into the minds and hearts of the Americans of the future."

So many children of our future know very little about what really went on this day five years ago.

"When the people attacked the twin towers," Jon Creel and the rest of his third grade class was only three years old when the towers fell.

"When I asked them who knew what 9/11 was, there were several that said it was when the terrorists attacked the World Trade Center," says Karen Owen a third grade teacher.

A few years older, others recall exactly where they were that day.

"I was in kindergarten and the school shut down," says 10-year-old Sarah Hawk.

"I was in fifth grade in a gym class," says 15-year-old Lindsay Wright. "I remember everybody was really panicked and our teacher just asked us to sit down and have a word of prayer."

The entire school prayed protection over our local firefighters and law enforcement Monday.

"I prayed that God would just be with them the rest of this year and the rest of their lives and that they would be blessed for the sacrifices they've made," Sarah says.

"It's special. Makes you realize what we're doing out here for the people, as well as the community," says Joe Henderson, from the Knox county Sheriff's Department.

And honored them with thank you cards for their service.

"Because they protect our country," Henderson. "It touches your heart cause they're our children."
Knox County Sheriff's Patrolman Joe Henderson was called out to ground zero to help after the terrorists attack.

"It was just a devastation," says Henderson. "Kids from kindergarten on up now. We can't ever let them forget what happened."

If you haven't already, now may be a good time to talk to your children about the meaning of 9/11.

These kids are a lot smarter than we give them credit for sometimes.