Communities to Put Liquor Laws to the Vote

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Alcoa, Blount County (WVLT) - People in several East Tennessee towns will be deciding this November whether or not they want liquor stores in their communities.

After previous attempts, are some towns now changing their stance?

Volunteer TV's Stephen McLamb brings you the thoughts of the voters.

Residents in several area towns will soon be deciding if they want to have liquor stores in their towns. In Alcoa, you'll find most people have an opinion.

"You got to go all the way down to Maryville or to Knoxville so it could bring a lot more money. If they are going to waste gas going down there why not bring the money here?" says Britney Satterfield.

Residents in Townsend will also go to the polls on the issue.

"I'm strictly against it. I just don't think it would help. I just don't believe in it," says Conley Dockery.

And so too will residents in Loudon and Lenoir City.

"No. They don't need to be in town. They don't need to be anywhere. I'm a teetotaler. I don't know of any good that's come out of liquor," says Hazel Claiborne.

"Been here and there and everywhere and all I've ever found is what John Barley Corn can do to a life," says Howard Morrison.

"I think maybe too it would cut down on a lot of people drinking and driving. You know, that's a thought to think about," adds Debbie Moneymaker.

While most people have an opinion not everyone does.

"If they vote for it then I'm for it and if they don't that's fine with me too," says Helen Shearer.

Several of these cities have seen liquor by the drink slowly but surely get voted in after previous down votes. Some say as the population changes so too do the times.

"If transplants come into the city, most out-of-towners I don't think see a problem with it but people who have lived here a while are used to certain ways," says Corrie Murphy.

The issue made it through a referendum by getting enough signatures on a petition.

The general election is November 7th.