UT-Knoxville Powers Campus Vehicles with Homemade BioFuel

Knoxville (AP) - University of Tennessee students are putting their environmentalism to work.

A pilot project on the Knoxville campus is cooking up enough biodiesel fuel from waste oil from the dining hall to power the campus' entire fleet of diesel vehicles. That's eleven trucks, buses, backhoes and front-end loaders.

The biodiesel project is funded under a $10,000 grant from a special "green power" fee students adopted in 2003.

The project is expected to make about 200 gallons of "B-20" biodiesel fuel a week. Student project leader Scott Curran says that should be more than enough for the UT-Knoxville fleet.

The project puts UT's main campus in rare but growing company.

Jenna Higgins-Rose with the National Biodiesel Board says about a dozen universities are now using biodiesel fuels for their vehicles, though not all are making it themselves.

She says it shows that students care about the environment, they care about energy security and they want to do the right thing even at their own expense.

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