Sportsmanship Key to Football Fun

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Knoxville (WVLT) - The Vols match up with the gators tomorrow night is one of the biggest games of the season.

Fans will soon be filing into Neyland Stadium.

In fact, 20-30 thousand Florida fans alone are expected to attend the game.

With the two big rivals going head to head, UT officials want to remind all fans to be good sports with positive attitudes.

"Florida, UT, Gators, we hate 'em," says Ginger Lawson, UT Fan.

For years the Gators and Vols have been rival enemies.

"Why do you hate them?" Bedford asks.

"I don't know, just do," Lawson says.

"That's part of it," Allen Swafford made the trip from the Swamp and says he's sporting his Gator gear with good sportsmanship. "When you come down here you're gonna get harassed, but that's part of it. We're gonna harass people when you come down to the Swamp."

"Just ugly, very bad sportsman, a lot of taunting," Parents like Ginger Lawson, say bad sports set a bad example for children. "It's good to cheer fans on and you can boo and that sort of thing but just throwing cups and spitting and cursing is not good."

"You got a lot of fans yelling at each other," Anthony Cespedef says fans are especially fired up because so much is riding on Saturday's game.

"If we show what we're made of here at home this year and beat Florida this will definitely set the track for the rest of the season," Anthony explains.

"Very important for us, it's always the start of the SEC for both teams. Whoever wins this has got the inside track," Swafford says.

The big question is...who will it be?

"Gators of course!" say Swafford.

"We're gonna win," Lawson says sporting her orange.

One thing both sides agree on is tomorrow nights game will be the highlight of the football season.

Officials want everyone to come out and enjoy the game, but be respectful no matter what happens.

It's all about having fun, but a win would be nice.