Sheriff, Parents: SROs Needed at Schools

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Jacksboro, Campbell County (WVLT) - Campbell County leaders are discussing the future of school resource officer programs.

WVLT Volunteer TV's Kim Bedford went to Campbell County to get the latest on its SRO situation.

Campbell County commissioners are expected to vote on the school board's budget, that if passed, would bring two permanent SROs into Campbell County High School and one into Jellico High School.

Something the sheriff, parents and students say is much needed.

"The more help they can get, the better off they all are," Tonya Hamblin has a daughter at Jellico High School. "I know that they have cameras up, I know that they have the one guard and they'd been talking about getting rid of him and not getting any of them."

Campbell County Sheriff Gary Perkins says he's currently supplying temporary school resource officers, "I feel confident that the commission will pass our budget and that will include three School Resource Officers--two for Campbell County High School and one for Jellico High School."

Perkins says the request for more SRO's comes after last November's deadly Campbell County High School shooting.

"They're trained in dealing with people that are possibly armed, whereas your teachers and school staff and principals are there to educate our children."

"I don't feel safe at all," Hannah Horne says she's been out of Campbell County High School the past few days after feeling intimidated by some of her classmates, "There's so many kids and they can't watch like one kid, they can't really watch them."

With 1,600 students at Campbell County High, Horne says an extra set of eyes would make a big difference, "I'd feel more safer...I really would."

Hamblin says she also worries about her two other children in elementary schools with no SRO's at all, "It kind of worries me at times."

"I'm going to have my departments make random walkthroughs, no set times for walkthroughs, through elementary schools and then through our middle schools," Sheriff Perkins says.

The commissioners meeting with the school board and sheriff's department is scheduled to begin in about 30 minutes.