Damaged Deputy's Car, Dispute Worry Neighbors

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Rockford, Blount County (WVLT) - A Knoxville man is in custody now, charged with destroying a sheriff's cruiser while threatening to kill his mother and the sergeant who lived next door to her Rockford home.

As WVLT Volunteer TV's Blount County Bureau Chief Stephen McLamb finds, some neighbors are concerned over a police report confirming the man as a history of mental illness.

Residents say Hugh Rule Drive is usually a nice quiet area but it was anything but that early Saturday afternoon.

"We were outside and heard them yelling and he was calling her all kind of names," says David Arnett, neighbor.

A police report says Kyle Kramer left his mother's home and went in a rage to Sheriff's Sgt. Todd Jackson's home next door with a golf club.

"I think it's his mother was wrestling around with him trying to take the hammer away from him, get him to stop I guess, but he went all the way around the car knocking the windows out," says Herb Trotter, witness.

Nearly $14,000 in damage was done to the cruiser and Jackson's truck. That's when Herb Trotter had seen enough.

"I called 911, closed the garage doors, and went into the house," Trotter says.

Kramer was soon apprehended after attempting to flee and has now been charged with the aggravated assault of his mother, evading arrest, and two counts of vandalism.

Some resident say they are concerned for their safety if and when Kramer gets out of jail.

"We would like to see some kind of restraining order put into effect to keep him off the street," Arnett says.

But this isn't Kramer's only brush with the law. Last year Alcoa Police charged him after he burned paper and his cell phone in a local hotel parking lot claiming it was because of his religious beliefs. The report stated his mother said he was mentally ill.

"He's had this problem for several years it's been going on, it's continued and is getting worse and I don't know when it will go from vehicles to people as far as doing damage and it's not getting any better," Arnett says.

Kramer is currently being held in the Blount County Jail on $45,000 bond. He is due in court Wednesday for an initial appearance.