UT President Unveils "fUTure" Campaign

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UT Campus, Knoxville (WVLT) - The University of Tennessee celebrated its future today as thousands of its employees from across the state gathered in Knoxville.

Volunteer TV's Kim Bedford brings you more on the state of the university and how workers are getting credit for making students a success.

Thousands of UT employees across the state celebrated together with the help of technology.

"If we can't communicate who we are within our own organization, then how do we expect people outside the organization to understand," UT President John Petersen unveiled UT's new Future Campaign. "We can impact on better jobs and better lives for Tennesseans."

Stressing the importance of every single employee, "it's our people that are there everyday, day in and day out, in the offices, in our facilities, in our dorms, in the classroom."

People like Jerry Pratt, "I work with office supply, surplus property division and business services."

Pratt's the one students see delivering supplies across campus.

"Everybody knows me as the paper guy," Pratt says.

Pratt suggested today's employee celebration to President Petersen.

"It gives them tremendous pride to know that the university is working for them and the students," Pratt says.

UT employees across the state work hard everyday, and now they're getting the word out that they're the solid foundation for our students' future.

"We provide a great service to the students and we'll continue to provide that service," says Pratt.

"Our success is going to depend on them," Petersen says.

Pratt says UT's success is a team effort from people who really care. "Everybody here knows that they have a job to do and most of the people that I see and work with every day have a lot of pride in what they do."

And Pratt says their Tennessee pride isn't going anywhere, "the harder we work, the more we communicate, it'll only get better."

UT employs more than 16,000 people who work in all 95 of Tennessee's counties.

President Petersen says there will be more celebrations like the one Tuesday, in the future.