Joan Berry Appears on Montel Williams Show

New York (WVLT) - Johnia Berry's family hopes an appearance today on national television will help in the search for her killer.

Volunteer TV's Stacy McCloud brings you a look at Joan Berry's appearance on the Montel Williams Show and what psychic Sylvia Brown has to say about where the killer is now.

"I need Sylvia to tell me who did this to Johnia, why did he do this to Johnia," an emotional appearance by Joan Berry on the Montel Williams Show brought the murder of her daughter Johnia into the national spotlight.

"They do not have suspects, but there is a sketch," explains Joan.

The sketch of the suspect was one of several things addressed by psychic Sylvia Brown.

"That doesn't look anything like him at all. His face is much leaner than that," Brown says.

She went on to say the man was very short.

The sketch was drawn with the help of Johnia's roommate Jason, who talked on the show about the night Johnia was killed.

"I was stabbed in the chest, hands, face. The only thing I was thinking was if i don't get out of here I'm going to die," said Jason Aymami.

"Jason is right, he would have been mutilated," Brown says.

One question that's yet to be answered, did Johnia know her killer? Brown says yes.

"She rebuffed him. She said 'no I don't want to go out with you. He was always hanging out near the school," Brown says.

School for Johnia was in Johnson City, so where does brown think her killer is today?

"Is this person still in Knoxville?" Joan asks.

"Yes, and still working on yards," Brown replies.

Brown says she believes the man is some sort of gardener, with an uncommon last name and fears he could strike again.

Aside from a new view of the case, Brown offered a tearful Berry a bit of comfort, saying Johnia didn't suffer in her final moments alive.

"I think she was more irritated than anything," Brown says.

Knox County Sheriff Tim Hutchinson released a statement about today's show:

"We continue to investigate this case vigorously and believe that the suspect is still in the Knoxville area as does the FBI. The TBI and private labs continue to assist us by processing DNA. DNA has been taken from 244 people and 57 samples are still to be tested at this time."

If you have any information on Johnia Berry's killer you can call the sheriff's department at 215-2243.