Police: Ball Park Shooting Families Feuded for Years

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Dandridge, Jefferson County (WVLT) - There are new details of a deadly shooting at a Dandridge little league park which left three grandparents dead and the father in the middle of a custody battle injured.

There are several reports over the last six years of police having to deal with threats between the two families and Monday night wasn't the first time there was trouble at a little league ballpark.

It was Monday night when Shands family members said Jerry Noe opened fire on Jerry and Sue Shands along with their son Brent in front of people leaving a little league game in Dandridge. The elder Shands died as did Noe after a struggle with the gun which police now say is a .38 caliber.

"This particular revolver holds five rounds but as far as the number of shots we're still not releasing that right now," says Dandridge Police Chief Carson Williams.

Declining an on camera interview, Noe's son David claims the shooting took place after the elder Shands attempted to hit his wife pat. David Noe says it's been a situation building over seven years claiming the Shands had investigators after his mother, father, and sister.

Over the years, police reports show the Shands family as the alleged victims and the Noe's as suspects including an incident at the Jefferson City ballpark last year where the Noe's allegedly threatened the Shands during a ballgame.

Some members of the Shands family believe that Noe's wife should be charged as an accomplice to Monday's shooting as it was she who got the victim's attention.

"Oh yes, his wife was right with him because she was the one that tapped Sue and Jerry on the shoulder with their umbrella," says Bobby Shands, victim's Brother.

But police say they're still investigating.

"I feel like probably that if there are additional charges they won't be directly related to the shooting," says Chief Williams.

The family of Brent Shands has requested his status at UT hospital not be made public, but friends of the family say he was taken off a ventilator Wednesday morning and is now talking.

Police continue to say they believe they know who the shooter is, but are declining to comment at this time.

Farrah Funeral Home in Jefferson City is handling arrangements which have been made for jerry and Ellen Shands.

Visitation is Monday at First Baptist Church in Jefferson City from two until four and from five until eight.

The funeral service follows.

Fielden Funeral Home in New Market is handling Mr. Noe's arrangements.

Visitation is from five until eight Friday night.

Burial is Saturday at 11 at Sunderland Cemetery.