Channon Christian's parents speak out about internet claims

Gary and Deena Christian tell Volunteer TV News that they've been angered and hurt by rumors surrounding their daughter Channon and her boyfriend Christopher Newsom's carjacking, rape, torture and murder. (March 5th, 2009)
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KNOXVILLE (WVLT) – Gary and Deena Christian want to set the record straight about their daughter. Channon Christian had been dating Christopher Newsom for two months when they were carjacked and brutally murdered during the first week of January 2007.

You can tell by the way Gary Christian tightly clasps his hands that he holds a lot of anger inside over his daughter’s murder.

“I will never see a morning that I don't hurt," he said.

These days the Christian’s feel as is they are fighting a two-fronted war. The first front is located in the courtroom, where four suspects still awaiting trial for allegedly raping, torturing and killing Channon and Chris.

"They deserve to die,” Gary said.

The second front takes place in the anonymous community of cyberspace.

Gary and Deena told Volunteer TV News that they’ve been angered and hurt by a number of Internet rumors appearing in the comment sections of various websites.

"We've got enough to deal with," he said about the various rumors and theories floating around the internet that deal with what happened the night the young couple disappeared, "we really don't need to deal with that."

Channon’s mother recalled one of the specific statements which claimed the young couple was in the wrong part of town the night they were carjacked.

“Well if they were down there riding around, then they got what was coming to them,” she said, paraphrasing what she recalled from the comment.

Similar comments and rumors are why the Christian family feel it’s necessary to defend their daughter’s honor. On Thursday night they began clearing up some of the thing’s they’ve read on the internet about what happened.

"My daughter and Chris were not riding around in a bad place and got carjacked,” Gary said. “They were taken to Chipman Street by force."

Police quickly determined during their investigation that the couple was carjacked near Knoxville Center Mall and Washington Ridge Apartment complex. The apartment complex is located a little more than three miles and about 10 minutes by car from Chipman Street.

Channon’s parents have also been bothered by rumors that she was in the Chipman Street area looking for drugs. Gary decided to quash it by obtaining Channon’s drug test results from her former healthcare employer as well as her autopsy results.

Gary obtained Channon's drug test results from her former employer, a healthcare company as well as the medical examiner’s toxicology report which was conducted during her autopsy.

"She had taken no prescription or non-prescription drugs,” he said. “No marijuana, no cocaine, no ecstasy, no nothing."

With those facts now out, the family hopes some of the Internet speculation will calm down as they turn their attention upcoming trials.

Letalvius Cobbins will be the first suspect tried for the murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. It’s scheduled to begin on July 6th. Vanessa Coleman’s trial starts on August 10th, Lemaricus Davison’s trial starts on September 21st and George Thomas’s starts on November 20th.

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