City Officials Want Your Input on Our Parks

For the first time in Knox County history, the city and county are partnering to improve the area's parks system.

Volunteer TV's Whitney Daniel sat in on the first of eight public meetings and has more on the collaboration of minds.

It's more than just a city-county collaboration. The community is getting involved as well. There's a lot of ground to cover -- more than 213 parks totaling 5,700 acres -- and that means each new idea is another step toward improving the entire community.

"You see all ages out here. You see elederly folks and young families, especially with the playground right next to the tennis court," park goer Sherry Scircle said.

There's something for everyone: Balling, banging, boarding, and if there's not something for you, Knox County Parks and Recreation wants to know about it.

"I use the greenways the most and that's important to me... you see people on them and they're busy," Fountain City resident Steve File said.

"I was over at the senior citizen's this morning, O'connor, and they have such a nice park over there and in Knoxville, and I thought, well we need a park around here, you know?" Powell resident Iva Coffman said.

Through eight public meetings, parks system leaders will collect your opinions, concerns and questions for their ten year plan.

"And also to see what the trends are. We know a lot of them right now are skate parks, dog parks, of course greenways have always been popular and continue to be popular," Doug Bataille from Parks and Recreation said.

In Knox County, there are 213 parks and greenways for folks to enjoy -- that's 1.7 percent of Knox County land, but developers want more parks to benefit a booming population.

"As the community grows, you want the park systems to grow too, and obviously Knoxville, Knox County have grown real fast over one percent a year," Bataille said.

More people... more parks... more smiling faces.

"Families do use it a lot, and a lot of birthday parties we see when we're here often, so it really is getting a lot of use," Scircle said.

You can find a list of meetings at If you can't make it to any of those meetings, you can offer your opinions through a survey that Parks and Rec has put together.