New Tailgating Rules

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UT Campus, Knoxville (WVLT) - Tailgating is an important part of football weekends at UT and Saturday, there will be a few rule changes you need to follow if you tailgate at G-10.

If you usually tailgate in the G-10 parking lot, expect some rules to be enforced in the way you set up your party.

On Saturday about 20 police officers will be in the garage reminding people to pack their tailgate party into one parking space.

The UT Athletics Department says last week some fans were crowding the aisleways, and taking up 2 or 3 spots, which caused some problems.

So this week you can still bring your grills, coolers, and folding chairs, if they can fit in your area. You can't put them in the space next to yours.

Tents are no longer allowed.

If you need shade, make sure to park in the lower levels of the garage.

UT Athletics say the rules are being enforced not only for the safety of everyone in the garage, but so everyone can have fun.

"We don't wanna cause any problems but we also just wanna make sure that everybody is being respectful for all fans," Tiffany Carpenter, from UT Athletics.

These rules apply to all parking lots, so officers will be on the look-out at other lots as well, but the G-10 is the only one with a major problem at this time.

Again, officers will be handing out letters to fans as they pull into the garage.

And if you do take up an extra space, officers will be asking you to move.