G-10 Tailgating Changes

Some UT tailgaters were forced to scale down their pre-game parties if they parked int he G-10 garage.

The UT athletics department is cracking down on tailgate parties that take up too much space.

UT Police are now on the lookout for tailgaters taking up more than one space.

"We were in an empty spot and there was many empty spots, so we sat over there and tried to have some lunch and got ran out," said Jerry Moore.

Pre-gamers like Suzanne and Jerry Moore say they understand the new crack-down.

"You have to make room for everybody, so that's okay," said Suzanne.

"Big game, vehicles cannot get through here for the tailgaters."

Exactly why UT's athletics department also banned tents from going up in G-10..

"The tents really clog and end up creeping out and obstructing the traffic flow," said John Currie from the UT athletics department.

Some fans say the department's rules take the fun out of tailgating.

"It's like the other part saying not to cheer too loud. It kind of takes away from what we do with Tennessee," said Bob Martin.

But with 2,000 cars in here, sometimes eight hours before kickoff, UT says parties can easily get out of hand.

"Over the last few weeks, over the last few years, we've had a little bit of loss of control sometimes in our lots and we haven't had the courteous atmosphere that we want," said Currie.