Cleaning Up After Floods

After Saturdays storms, many local businesses were flooded out, causing major problems for business.

"You don't really expect it to rain 5 inches in a couple of hours like that."

Employees at Farragut Cleaners have been working to sop up the five inches of water since the store flooded Saturday night.

"Just get some squeegies and push the water out and mop out the rest and then put everything back where it goes," said David Sharp.

The store is certainly a wet mess, but the good news is no clothes were damaged in the flood.

"We worked to get all the stuff off the floor, the supplies and clothes and stuff like that."

Farragut Cleaners is about a quarter of a mile from this creek, but for the third time in 12 years, the water came up onto the road and into the store.

"It's pretty rough on your nerves when you see that water coming like that and there's nothing you can do, just stand and watch it."

Co-Owner David Sharp says with four other store locations that all have their clothes cleaned here they have to work fast to get everything ready for pickup Monday.

"400-500 pieces of dry cleaning, at least," said Sharp.

So they're not getting their typical day of rest this Sunday...

"I imagine we'll be spending most of the day down here."

Sharp says the store has been here since 1946 and he just hopes it doesn't get flooded again.

"It would be nice if we could build another plant somewhere else, but you gotta consider how that's going to affect your business."

And Sharp says despite all the water, they'll be back in business in the morning.

"We get everything ready today, we'll be ready to go tomorrow just like any other day."