UPDATE: Games Begin Monday After Ballpark Shootings

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Dandridge, Jefferson County (WVLT) - Coaches and many parents have decided they can't let tragedy, fear and rumor ruin their kids chances to do what they love most.

Monday, little league resumes on the diamonds known as the Field of Dreams in Dandridge.

"I want to give everybody an opportunity to say whatever you want to say," says Greg Manis, from South Jefferson Little League.

Six days removed from the gunfire that brought murder and fear to Jefferson County's Field of Dreams, Little League coaches and board members, figure it's time to rethink.

"Kids are a lot stronger than we give them credit for, I can assure you of that," says Scott Gann, Little League Coach and Chief Umpire. "Let's don't let them, you know, let something that didn't have anything to do with them, take away from what they enjoy doing so much."

"Had nothing to do with the Park, it was just the place that it was carried out," says Manis.

Officers believe a long-running family feud over custody of a grandson, a Little Leaguer, prompted Samuel Noe to kill Jerry and Ellen Shands.

The boy's father reportedly struggled to get the gun away, more shots, wounding him and killed Noe.

"I think every parent needs to sit down, talk to their kids, explain to them what happened," Manis says.

"We just want to tell them that it's the same field that was here before this incident happened on Monday," Gann says.

But will it ever be the same mood.

Some coaches say some parents want assurance there'll be extra security throughout the fall season.

"I can understand, if it takes them a day or two, as a parent I can understand, says Manis.

But, the league's president and chief umpire say parents need to remember their kids, are why they're here--which is why the season will resume.

"If we didn't let them do something every time something didn't go exactly the way we wanted it to, they wouldn't ever get to do anything," Gann says.

"If that means we have to mix a couple of teams to form one full team to play that night--that's what we'll do," adds Manis.

Funeral arrangements are set for Jerry and Ellen Shands.

Their family will receive friends tomorrow, from two until four and from five until eight at the first Baptist Church in Jefferson City, services will follow.