UPDATE: Police Continue Search for Hit & Run Driver

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Knoxville (WVLT) - The search is on for a man who ran over and killed a UT student this weekend.

Police say they've had a handful of calls, but at this point, they still haven't found the white Chevy Blazer that struck 20-year-old Morgan McCarty early Saturday morning as she was crossing the street at 17th and Highland near UT.

Fortunately, one eyewitness was able to help police with a description.

"I was coming up 17th Street here and I heard a sound of somebody hitting something, sounded like a trash can," Joseph Weichert says he quickly realized it was no trash can. "Come to find out he had hit a girl crossing the street and then just hauled tail down the road."

Weichert says he couldn't believe what just happened in a matter of seconds.

"When I saw the girl laying on the ground, I stopped my vehicle in the middle of the street and called 911."

Twenty-year-old Morgan McCarty from West Tennessee suffered major head trauma and later died at UT hospital.

Police are not sure where she was coming from or where she was headed.

"First thing I thought was the driver's gotta be drunk or wasn't paying attention, but he should've stopped no matter what," says Weichert.

Almost three days later, police are still looking for a young white man with short hair, driving a white Chevy Blazer with a damaged headlight and possibly more damage to the front of the vehicle.

"We don't know if that individual was just driving through the area. We don't know if it's a local resident. We just don't have any information to go on at this point," says Darrell DeBusk, from the Knoxville Police Department.

Which is why Knoxville Police say they need the public's help finding the man.

"That one call could be the difference in breaking this case," DeBusk says.

KPD says the clock is not ticking in this man's favor. "The longer this goes without the person coming forward, the more it looks like that person could be guilty for some reason."

And stopping after the hit would've made all the difference, "Not only for the family of the victim, but to the investigators. There could've been circumstances that played into it that we're not aware of at this point," DeBusk says.

Again that description is a young white man with short hair, driving a white Chevy Blazer with a damaged headlight.

There may be more damage on the front of the vehicle.

If you have any information, call the KPD hotline at 215-7212.

There are a lot of white Chevy Blazers out there, but if you see one with damage to the front, police ask that you call in.

We'll hear more about McCarty from her Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority sisters Monday at eleven.